TRU2U is a new kind of integrated communications agency.
The marketing models deployed by most companies today are insincere, unauthentic, expensive, noisy and outdated for the world we live in. In fact, we see the truth as the greatest asset a brand can have - so long as that truth is about doing good.

And if the intention of the brand is to do good - for people, for society, for the planet - then unleashing that truth across your brand strategy, communications campaigns, movements and initiatives, can be far more authentic, effective and powerful than made-up sound-bites, advertising, or simple cause-marketing schemes (what we call implementing True.0).

That’s why we created TRU2U - a marketing, branding, and communications agency that creates campaigns for companies that value truth, simplicity, collaboration and creativity.

We love working with socially and environmentally responsible organizations - companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs. We understand key social change issues, and more importantly, know how to communicate them to drive awareness and action.

MJ Viederman
President, CEO, & Big-Ideas Generator
Dorothy Polatin
Office Manager, Head of PR & Communications
Lindsay Van Dyke
Social Media Manager & Student Coordinator
Mareika de Haas
Artist, Designer, & Web Developer

Our work with some of the best . . .

...has refined our TRUTH meter when it comes to branding, marketing and PR. We jump in with new partners, helping to extract brand truths, points of differentiation, and true colors - where each organization shines.


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True.0 is a unique partnership that brings together top minds in marketing, branding, and sustainable business leadership. The highly interactive True.0 process is designed to do one thing and do it very well — position, market, and brand sustainable companies for real growth and traction in the marketplace.

TRU2U U is the student outreach arm of TRU2U Communications.
Our student interns conduct research, craft messaging, pitch reporters, connect through social media, design graphics, write position papers and craft individual campaigns for our clients. It is like an interactive class, but with real work, real deliverables, and real results.

Check out some of what we do at TRU2U U:

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